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RSPT 301. Advanced Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology. 3-3-0. Pathological processes basic to inflammation, infection, neoplasia, genetic and metabolic diseases, and selected endocrine disorders as related to cardiopulmonary care. Fa only. (51.0908)

RSPT 302. Advanced Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics and Monitoring. 3-2-3. Cardiovascular and pulmonary diagnostic testing and monitoring techniques including electrocardiography, central venous pressure, Swan Ganz catheterization, blood gases, acid base balance, pulmonary function and exercise physiology studies, ventilation care and management, chest radiography, and home health care. A combined lecture and laboratory course. Sp only. (51.0908)

RSPT 303. Perinatology and Pediatrics. 3-2-3. The development of the cardiopulmonary system from embryo to puberty. Cardiopulmonary dysfunctions of the newborn and infant; techniques for basic and advanced therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and patient care. A combined lecture and laboratory course. Fa only. (51.0908)

RSPT 304. Advanced Respiratory Therapy Pharmacology. 3-3-0. The autonomic and central nervous systems, sympathomimetic agents, phosphodiesterase inhibitors, corticosteroids, diuretics, antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, and anesthetic agents. This course is also available via Internet. Basic computer knowledge required for students enrolled in Internet section. Sp only. (51.0908)

RSPT 305. Departmental Management and Supervision. 2-2-0. Mid level management with emphasis on staffing, personnel problems, scheduling, budgets, gross revenue and expenses. Fa only. (51.0908)

RSPT 306. Advanced Comprehensive Respiratory Therapeutics. 3-2-5. Evaluation and assessment of clinical performance skills and knowledge base via laboratory and clinical evaluations, computer based competency simulations, and therapist self assessment examination. Sp only (51.0908)


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