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Office: 102 Talbot Hall
Phone: 985-448-4586
Professors: Chiasson, Stewart (Head).
Associate Professors:  
Assistant Professors: Simoncelli.
Instructors: Arnold, Boudreaux, Clark, Fries, Harry, Jeffress, and Ruiz.

Mass Communication Program

The university awards the Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication to a student who, in addition to satisfying the minimum requirements for graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences, meets the requirements listed below. The program requires 84 hours of credit outside of Mass Communication with 65 of those hours being in basic liberal arts and sciences. Mass Communication majors must receive a C or better in both ENGL 101 and 102. For MACO majors, a grade of C or better in MACO courses is considered successful completion. 45 hours of 300-level or above courses are required.


Mass Communication has full national accreditation by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Mass Communication Minors

A minor in Mass Communication requires the completion of 18 semester hours to include MACO 101, 251, 370, and nine hours of electives in Mass Communication, six of which must be at the 300-level or above.

A minor in Speech is also available to students. In order to obtain a minor in Speech, students must take a total of 18 hours of Speech courses. These will include Speech 101, plus 15 additional hours, at least 9 of which must be at the 300 level or above.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication

  • (CLR) Computer Literacy Requirement;
  • (GER) General Education Requirement;
  • (OCR) Oral Communication Requirement;
  • (UR) University Requirement
ENGL 101, 102 (GER) 6 ENGL  Literature Sequence
(3 hrs. GER)
Foreign Language Elective 3
Freshman Seminar Course (UR) 1 Foreign Language Elective 3
HIST  Sequence (GER) 6 GOVT 101 3
MATH  (GER) 6 MACO 101 3
Natural Science Electives* (GER) 6 MACO 251 (GER) 3
Elective 3 SPCH 101 (OCR) 3
  31 Electives 6
    Concentration Course (see below 3
Fine Arts Electives 6 Fine Arts Elective (GER) 3
MACO 321, 355, 370 9 HPED Personal Fitness course 2
Social Science Elective* (GER) 3 Natural Science Elective*(GER) 3
Electives 6 Social Science Elective* (GER) 3
Concentration Courses (See below) 6 Electives 6
  30 MACO Electives 6
    Concentration Courses (See below) 6

Total Hours Required for Degree (all concentrations): 120

* See General Education Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree.
NOTES: Student should obtain Student Handbook from department.

Broadcast Journalism
Concentration (MCBJ)
Print Journalism
Concentration (MCPJ)
Public Relations
Concentration (MCPR)
MACO 271 (3) MACO 252 (3) MACO 252 (3)
MACO 361 (3) MACO 322 (CLR) (3) MACO 322 (CLR) (3)
MACO 362 (CLR) (3) MACO 326 (3) MACO 330 (3)
MACO 401 (3) MACO 451 (3) MACO 430 (3)
MACO 402 (3) MACO 455 (3) MACO 440 (3)

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