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Office: 247 Betsy C. Ayo Hall
Phone: 985-493-2624
Associate Professors: Leistner.
Assistant Professors: W. Adams, C. Bourgeois, L. Bourgeois, Camel,  Gremillion, Parker,  Weuve, White (Head).
Instructors: Bisnett, Mason,  Shaw.

The department offers allied health education programs leading to the following Bachelor of Science Degrees: Athletic Training,   Communicative Disorders, Dietetics, and Health Sciences. Students majoring in Health Science will select one of the concentration focus areas: Pre-Professional or  Supervision and Management.

The Athletic Training  Education Program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Students completing the Communicative Disorders program are eligible for licensure in Louisiana as a Speech Therapy Assistant and formal graduate study. The Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE) of the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

Admission to Programs

Due to the limited number of faculty and available clinical resources, a quota has been placed on the number of students admitted to clinical courses within the programs of the department. To be admitted to one of the programs, a student must first meet the requirements of the university and then may be required to make separate application to their appropriate program. The policy outlining the admission process as well as expenses unique to allied health education programs may be obtained from the specific program director.

Student Responsibility

The university assumes no responsibility for successful completion of any type of standardized or professional examinations that the student is required or desires to take to complete requirements for certification, registration, and/or licensure.



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