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SATC 101. Governmental Regulatory Agencies. 3-3-0. Standards of machines, equipment, material, employees, power sources, as established by Occupational Safety and Health Act, Minerals Management Service, United States Coast Guard, and Environmental Protection Agency.  Su only. (15.0701)

SATC 112. Loss Control. 3-3-0. Accidents with emphasis on the non injury, property damage. Includes reporting, investigation, cost factors and remedial factors. (15.0701)

SATC 220. Safety and Health Program Planning. 3-3-0. Development of skills in conducting group meetings, organizing and presenting technical information and human communications. (15.0701)

SATC 230. Drug Abuse in Industry. 3-3-0. History, scope, and effect of alcohol and drugs and their related problems. Scope and cost of these problems with signs, causal theories, and treatment as related to company programs. Roles of supervisors and management are explored. (15.0701)

SATC 240. Marine Accident Prevention. 3-3-0. Accident prevention as related to the marine aspect of the petroleum industry.  Su only. (15.0701)

SATC 290. Special Problems. 3-0-9. Permission of director of Petroleum Services. Selected topic for individual study or research under staff supervision. For Safety Technology majors. (15.0701)

SATC 295. Safety Seminar. 3-3-0. Permission of Director of Petroleum Services. Analysis of selected safety industry problems under safety technology faculty supervision. (15.0701)

SATC 350. Industrial Safety. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: SATC 101. Protective equipment, housekeeping, fire protection, machine control. Emphasis on accident-prevention factors related to the petroleum industry. Includes drilling, production, crane operations, and transportation with embedded course lab exercises. (15.0701)

SATC 450. OSHA I. General Industry Safety. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: SATC 101. General industry safety and health standards as required by OSHA. (15.0701)

SATC 480. OSHA II. Construction Safety. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: SATC 101. Construction industry safety and health standards as required by OSHA.  (15.0701)


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