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Tryout Infromation




 Thank you for your interest in cheerleading tryouts. Please print and fill out the Tryout Packet.


Requirements for Tryouts

All listed skills below are required in order to become a Nicholls State University Cheerleader.


  • Standing Back Handspring on hard floor
  • Top girl/coed experience preferred
  • Must be able to stunt with more than one partner
  • Must be personable and outgoing.
  • Must be coachable and easy to work with.


  • Must be personable and outgoing.
  • Must be coachable and easy to work with.

 *Candidates will be judged on tumbling, stunting, fight song, cheers, and physical fitness/appearance!

Tryout attire:

Females: Wear sports bra & spandex shorts. We are looking for a neat, collegiate, clean cut appearance. Wear hair & make up as you would on game day. Hair should be half up & half down with a ribbon. Make up should be worn and look natural, with color on your lips. NO JEWELRY except pearl earrings. Our school colors are red, grey, black, and white; so please dress accordingly. Refrain from wearing any other University, high school or all-star attire. Any tattoos you may have should not be visible.

 Males: Wear a t-shirt and shorts. A neat, collegiate, clean cut appearance is expected. No piercings/jewelry allowed. Any tattoos you may have should not be visible.

**Please be aware that your physical appearance & fitness is part of your score. Team members are weighed in at first meeting and are expected to maintain optimal fitness throughout the year. There is no height/weight restriction, however our girls weight no more than 130 lbs are no taller than 5’3; and guys vary in size. This is a typical size range, but it does fluctuate from year to year. This criteria is set as a safety guideline for our guys. As long as you are adaptable to stunt with several partners you will be considered.

Tryout Process: All portions of the tryout process are closed to all except judges/coaches & staff. Candidates are encouraged to bring a water bottle/sports drink and snack (if necessary).

For more information or questions email jlegendre15@gmail.com

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