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Advisory Board

In addition to CIS faculty, the CIS Advisory Board participates in the planning and evaluation of the Nicholls State University CIS program. The advisory board is composed of a diverse group of individuals. To represent CIS majors, current Nicholls students serve on the advisory board.  The current make-up of the board is as follows:

Brent Duet, T Baker Smith – brent.duet@tbsmith.com

Stewart Saathoff, Transech Owner – stewarts@transech.com

Ryan J. Hutchinson, South Central Planning & Development Commission – ryan@scpdc.org

Ben Gautreaux, Information Technology Manager – wgautreaux@lafourche.k12.la.us

Raymond Folse, Ph.D., Retired but still influencing – rofolse@bellsouth.net

Chris Oubre, Ph.D., Exxon Mobile – chris.d.oubre@exxonmobil.com

Philip Wu, Great Southern Computers, Owner – philyswu@yahoo.com

Jeff Sardella, CIO Terrebonne General Hospital – jeff.sardella@tgmc.com

Bryan Samaha, Network Administrator TRMC – bryan.samaha@thibodaux.com

Ralph Melain, Antares, Owner – rmelain@antaresnet.com


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