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The Nicholls Communicative Disorders curriculum provides a student interested in pursuing graduate studies to become a speech-language pathologist or audiologist the opportunity to develop the strong credentials needed for graduate school acceptance. Academic prerequisite courses for graduate school include: biological sciences (including biology, anatomy/physiology, and neuroscience), physical science, social/ behavioral science (including psychology and sociology), human communication processes (including acoustics, phonetics, normal speech/language development), communicative disorders (including phonology, language, fluency, voice and aural rehabilitation), audiology, statistics, and cultural diversity. Then, in order to develop the professional, ethical skills and practices needed for speech, language and hearing service delivery, the curriculum includes orientation to clinic, audiological testing, and diagnostic methods and therapeutic procedures. Unique clinical mentoring opportunities are offered in the Nicholls Communication Disorders program to enhance student application and learning of academic coursework.  In the orientation clinic, the student is assigned a peer mentor to follow throughout the semester.  In subsequent semesters, the student is assigned to a different academic faculty member for a clinical mentoring experience.  Thus, students interested in graduate studies in speech-language pathology and audiology have an opportunity to provide supervised services to individuals with possible or known speech, language, hearing impairment and to decide if this is truly the field that they wish to pursue. For the small percentage of graduates who decide not to pursue graduate studies in speech-language pathology or audiology, they reportedly have been well prepared for graduate studies in fields such as early childhood development, elementary/secondary education, special education and human resources.

The Nicholls Communicative Disorders program is a member of the National Academy of Pre-Professional Programs in Communicative Disorders and Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Visit Nicholls current catalog for more information on the curriculum and communicative disorders courses.  If you would like information on previous catalogs, click here to view the archives page.

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