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Scholarship Opportunities

The following scholarships are available for communicative disorders majors. Application forms may be obtained in the communicative disorders office.

THE HELEN ALENE MELANCON EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a high school graduate who demonstrates strong academic and leadership achievements and plans to major in communicative disorders. The recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student. The recipient may keep this scholarship for four years, provided he or she meets all the above criteria and maintains a 2.80 overall grade point average. The recipient must also demonstrate financial need.

JO CAROL NOLEN SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a full-time student majoring in communicative disorders who has at least an overall 3.0 grade point average and at least a 3.5 grade point average in communicative disorders courses. Applicants must be active members in the Nicholls chapter of the National Student Speech, Language and Hearing Association and must submit the proper scholarship application before the required deadline.

THIBODAUX LION’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS is awarded annually to the returning junior and senior communicative disorders majors with the highest cumulative grade point average through the fall semester. The scholarships are valued at $500 per student.

BETTY WENTER SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a communicative disorders major who is a full-time student with a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average and a minimum 3.5 grade point average in communicative disorders courses. The recipient must be an active member of the Nicholls chapter of the National Student Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Each scholarship is valued at $100 per semester.

Other scholarships for first time, continuing and transfer students can be found on the Financial Aid Web site.

Scholarship applicants should be academically strong and derive satisfaction from helping others overcome communication problems. They should also be alert, curious and patient, all qualities necessary for a career in communicative disorders. Financial need receives due attention when scholarship applicants are being considered.

 Scholarship Recipients Spring 2013 (2)

2013 Spring Scholarship Recipients (from left to right): Ashlyn Champagne (Thibodaux Lions Junior Nicholls COMD Scholarship); Victoria Bergeron (Jo Carol Nolen Nicholls COMD Scholarship); Jena Chaisson (Betty Wenter Nicholls COMD Scholarship); and Caitlyn Cloud (Thibodaux Lions Senior Nicholls COMD Scholarship).

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