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Aqua aerobics has many of the same benefits as other forms of exercise with fewer risks. It is the perfect mode of exercise for adults, who enjoy working out as a group regardless of age, weight, gender or physical fitness. Whether your goal is to become stronger, more agile or simply trim down some unwanted body weight, Aqua-Aerobics can help. We will work as a group, led by the instructor, or in small intervals alternately led by group volunteers. Some individual time is allowed for lap swimming, practicing with fins and boards, and repetition of favorite movements.

The ability to swim in deep water is not necessary, as workouts are done in chest-deep water, (or waist to shoulder, if preferred) where all are comfortable. Many are done in shallow water at poolside. Participants can vary the intensity of their workout from light to vigorous activity simply by varying the speed of movements, and the depth of the water the body’s limbs are moving. The deeper the area, the stronger the resistance, with water acting as weights do on land. When a person moves faster, the heart rate increases, rendering the benefits of building muscles, and making the heart and lungs stronger. Everyone will work toward increased stamina, and at the end of each workout, increased relaxation. Water aerobics is a great stress-reliever!

If possible please bring fins to the first meeting, however they are not a strict requirement. Kick boards are supplied. Please come in your swimsuit for every class. There are changing (locker) rooms for men and women in case you want to change after leaving the water.


Times for all sessions: 6:30 – 7:45pm

Session I:  May 28 – June 30; Ten classes (Makeup class: July 2)

Fee $85.00.

No July classes are scheduled at this time. Watch this space.

Session II:  August 11- September 17; Twelve Classes (Makeup classes September 22 & 24)

Fee $102.00.


For questions about registration or fees call Continuing Education at 985-448-4444.

For questions about class activities call Dr. Marie Zannis, Instructor at 985-448-1571  (H) or 985-665-1194  (C).




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