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Doing More with Less

Instructor and motivational speaker, Richard Strasbourg offers “Doing More with Less”. The instructor will create an atmosphere of open-discussion, where participants can feel free to share fears, concerns, thoughts and feelings. By sharing his personal journey with the class, Richard invites a back-and-forth discussion with participants to help establish suitable strategies and resources to achieve desired goals. The focus of these sessions is to empower the individual through motivation, inspiration and knowledge.

Richard Strasbourg is a motivational speaker and teacher from Montreal, Quebec. With an educational background that also covers Arts and Graphic Design, Richard has been living in South Louisiana since 1999, where he teaches French to children. He is also a published illustrator and writer and has his hands in art, photography and painting exhibition. In his spare time he is also a competitive runner, cyclist and personal trainer.

Courses are offered as one(1), 2-hour session. Dates available are:

December 5, 2013 Payment Due Thursday November 28. 

Times: 6-8 pm

Location: Powell Hall, Rm 210,  Main Campus, Thibodaux, LA (Room location TBA)

Cost: $50/2-hour session



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