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Mission and Standards

Continuing Education Mission
Department of Student Affairs Code of Ethics
The Nicholls Creed
CAS Standards

Continuing Education Mission

The mission of the Office of Continuing Education is to further the University’s mission of providing learning experiences to a unique and multi-cultural community through education. This office acts as a representative agent of the University in contracting and providing quality educational programming and conferencing services to clients from both the private and public sectors.

Division of Student Affairs
Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Division of Student Affairs is to support the University’s mission with an emphasis on providing high-quality, well-utilized programs and services that facilitate academic success and personal development of Nicholls students.

To these ends, I, as a member of the staff of the Division of Student Affairs, am committed to the following:

1. I will act in the best interest of the student, where that interest does not go counter to the best interest of the student body or of the University.

2. I will act fairly with every student, student group, co-worker, and member of my professional community, and the larger community regardless of my personal feelings and relationships.

3. I will act expeditiously on matters requiring prompt consideration and communicate the decision to those who need to know in a timely manner.

4. I will consult with those most likely to be affected by my decisions, prior to making the decisions.

5.I will periodically review the practices and policies of my functional area for fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness, always striving to improve programs, services and results.

6.I will maintain awareness of current best professional practices and incorporate those practices into the operations of my program or service area.

7.I will accept responsibility for my decisions and professional actions.

8.I will respect the letter and the spirit of confidentiality required by law, professional practice, and institutional/departmental policy in my dealings with all constituencies.

9.I will respect professional standards which guide me in relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the general community.

10.I will advocate respect for individuality and promote an appreciation of human diversity, by demonstrating the principles of inclusion of all persons in activities, programs and services.

The Nicholls Creed

Preamble: As a member of the Nicholls community, I believe in the values that promote responsible citizenship, concern for self and others, and the desire to build a better world. To these ends, I pledge myself to the following:

* I will value all members of the Nicholls community, respecting and
appreciating their differences.
* I will hold myself and others to the highest standards of academic, personal and social integrity.
* I will conduct myself civilly in all things.
* I will think before I act, and will accept responsibility for my words and my
* I will challenge what is wrong.
* I will respect the rights and the person of all human beings and will avoid all
acts of violence and abuse.
* I will respect my body by not abusing it.
* I will strive to make Nicholls State University a safe and clean educational environment.
* I will serve the highest ideals of my community, now and in the future.
* I will afford myself the best opportunity to succeed.

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