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Pee Wee Camp

Calling all first time campers! The Pee Wee Camp was designed with first time campers in mind. Campers will participate in themed activities based on popular children’s story books. Camp activities include creating artwork, counting numbers, singing songs, playing games, making costumes, listening to stories, acting in plays and much more!

 Ages:  3- to 5- years old, children must be potty trained. Led by a Certified Kindergarten teacher.


Session One- June 3rd/5th: Fun in the Sun Week

What better way to start summer off by learning all about the season summer! Don’t be shy—dress in your finest summer clothes. Campers will enjoy summer themed books, create arts and crafts, play games and sing songs.


Session Two- June 10th/12th: All About Me Week

Everyone is made different, whether it’s our hair color or where we are from! Campers will learn how to identify special characteristics about themselves. They will complete self-portraits, listen to stories, sing songs, bring a show & tell item and much more!


Session Three- June 17th/19th: Community Helper Week

Our community is made up of so many different people who all have important jobs! Campers will learn and discuss the many different roles that keep a community together. Please come dressed as your favorite helper! Campers will complete arts & crafts, role-play, listen to stories, and play dress up.


Session Four- June 24th/26th: Weather Week

Rain or shine, please join us in on the fun! Campers will learn about different types of weather. They will listen to weather stories, sing weather songs and make different crafts.


Session Five- July 1st/3rd: Farm Week

Lets have some fun down on the farm! Campers will learn the role of a farmer and all about farm animals. They will listen to farm stories and put on puppet shows. Campers will sing farm songs and play with farm themed toys. They will create arts and crafts based on their favorite farm animal.


Session Six- July 8th/10th: Ocean Week

Campers will learn all about the down under by listening to ocean themed books, participating in different types of crafts, learning ocean songs and playing with ocean toys!


Session Seven- July 15th/17th: Zoo Week

We went on down to the Audubon Zoo and they all asked for you! Campers will put on their imagination caps and travel to New Orleans to learn all about zoo animals. They will create zoo crafts, listen to many different zoo storybooks, and build their own zoo, too!


Session Eight- July 22nd/24th: Bugs Week

Creepy Crawlers everywhere!!! Campers will learn about many different insects and what they look like. They will listen to insect stories, play with insect toys, arts & crafts, sing songs about bugs and will have insect show and tell (please no real bugs!!)

**Please stay tuned for weekly newsletters! I will let you know if your camper will be allowed to dress up or if they can bring anything special to camp with them!

Time: 8:00 to 11:50 am

 Fee: $45 per session; $10 late registration fee starts one week before each session starts

 $10.00 Discount if you register your child for all 8 sessions!

 Location: Family Service Center on Afton drive (on the side of the Max Charter School)





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