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Fall 2014 CULA POSTCARDFor exquisite food and first-class service, reserve your seat at the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute’s LeBistro. The completely student-run restaurant — located at the Carmel Inn, 400 East First Street, Thibodaux — allows advanced culinary students to create and execute a menu, greet and service customers, and perfect their skills in a restaurant setting. Students are exposed to all facets of a restaurant: the front of the house with setting and servicing tables, interacting with customers and providing an atmosphere for a memorable meal.  In the back of the house, students  serve in a variety of positions, anywhere from dishwasher to executive chef.

LeBistro also gives the community the chance to interact with and enjoy meals prepared by some of the most sought-after aspiring chefs around.

Join us for dinner this FALL! 

Below is a quick look at LeBistro’s Fall schedule (with serving style, cuisine and price noted). Seating times are available from 5:30 to 7 p.m., except for Russian and Banquet services, which begin at 6:30 p.m.

LeBistro Menus

  • Thursday, Sept. 25 – Buffet/ Cajun Creole/ $40
  • Tuesday, Sept. 30 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Thursday, Oct. 2 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Tuesday, Oct. 7 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Thursday, Oct. 9 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Tuesday, Oct. 14 – Russian Service/ Classical French/ $60
  • Thursday, Oct. 16 – Buffet / Cajun Creole / $40
  • Tuesday, Oct. 21 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Thursday, Oct. 30 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Tuesday, Nov. 4 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Thursday, Nov. 6 – American Service/ French Bistro/ $40
  • Tuesday, Nov. 18 – Russian Service/ Classical French/ $60
  • Tuesday, Dec. 2 – Banquet Service/ Italian Dinner/ $60

Make your reservations today! By dining with us, you’re helping support the Nicholls culinary program.

Advance reservations are required. Call 985-449-7091 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Reservations must be paid in advance and will be cheerfully refunded with 24-hour cancellation notice.


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