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John A. Brady Residential Complex Resident Meal Plans

Living on campus is a great experience and affords residents a chance to be close to classes, the library, on-campus events, student organization meetings, athletic events, etc.   The university encourages the Brady students to be active and involved in campus life.  It is for this reason that the John A. Brady Residential Complex resident meal plans are planned for a busy students at all levels of their academic career.


All students living in the residence halls must purchase a full meal plan.  Below is a listing of  meal plans that are available and sure to meet your busy lifestyle. 

Housing and Food Service Meal Plan Options

Silver Plan $1,590.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$275 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$220 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$205 Munch Money

Gold Plan $1,680.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$350 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$295 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$280 Munch Money

Platinum Plan $1,770.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$430 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$375 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$360 Munch Money

John A. Brady Residential Complex Apartments Meal Plans

 Freshmen (30 Hours of Credit or Less) – Must purchase one of the full meal plans listed above. 

 Sophomores(30 to 60 Hours of Credit) – Must purchase one of the full meal plans listed above or may purchase the Bronze Meal Plan.

Bronze Level $945.00 per semester (Brady Residents Only)

  • 5 Meals, 5 days/ $300 Munch Money
  • Brady – declining balance $545.00 per semester

 Juniors and Seniors (60 Hours of Credit or more) – May purchase one of the following meal plans:

  • One of the Full Meal Plans listed above
  • A Bronze Meal Plan listed above
  • A $545 Declining Balance Plan
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