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Resident Meal Plans


Living on campus is all about convenience — and that includes not having to worry about meals. When filling out their housing contract, all residence hall students living are required to sign up for a meal plan which guarantees all-you-can-eat meals every week and a variety of quality meals to choose from. However, Nicholls knows students have different needs and has designed flexible resident meal plans.

Students have the choice of three meal plans, each with three different tiers.

  • The number associated with each plan refers to the guaranteed number of meals you may eat in Galliano Dining Hall each week.
  • Munch Money is the declining balance attached to each plan. Munch Money can be used at the dining hall (if you go over your number of meals per week), our other dining locations and at concessions during campus athletic events.
  • For more information about meal plans and Munch Money, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Price per semester (fall or spring):

Platinum Meal Plan $1770.00 per semester

  • 19 Meal Plan, 7 days/$360 Munch Money
  • 15 Meal Plan, 5 days/$375 Munch Money
  • 10 Meal Plan, 5 days/ $430 Munch Money

Gold Meal Plan $1680.00 per semester

  • 19 Meal Plan, 7 days/ $280 Munch Money
  • 15 Meal Plan, 5 days/$295 Munch Money
  • 10 Meal Plan, 5 days/$350 Munch Money

Silver Meal Plan $1,590.00 per semester

  • 19 Meal Plan, 7 days/$205 Munch Money
  • 15 Meal Plan , 5 days/$220  Munch Money
  • 10 Meal Plan, 5 days/$275 Munch Money


Bridge Plans –  The Bridge Meal Plan is for those students who will require housing and meals during Thanksgiving break in the fall semester or Mardi Gras and Spring/Easter breaks in the spring semester.

Silver Plan $1,840.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$275 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$220 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$205 Munch Money

Gold Plan $1,935.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$350 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$295 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$280 Munch Money

Platinum Plan $1,995.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$430 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$375 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$360 Munch Money 

Choosing a meal plan:


The Vernon Galliano Dining Hall serves 19 meals a week:

  • 3 meals a day on Monday through Friday and
  • 2 meals a day on Saturday and Sunday.

When choosing a meal plan, consider how many meals a day you like to eat and the number of days a week that you will be dining on campus. Will your class schedule, school work, extracurricular activities and social events interfere with dining? Will you miss dinner due to jobs or evening classes?

The 19-meal plans offer access to the dining hall for ANY meal period. These are the ONLY plans that allow automatic access to EVERY meal served in the dining hall.

The gold and platinum meal plans provide students with more Munch Money to spend at other dining locations for themselves or to treat their friends.

The bridge plan is a mandatory  meal plan for all international students and others who need holiday break meals.  The holidays include Thanksgiving in the fall and spring break and Mardi Gras break in the spring semester.  The Christmas break is not included.

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