Students with disabilities must first register with the Office of Disability Services by providing current documentation of their disability from an appropriate professional regarding the nature and extent of the disability and recommended accommodations.

In cases of a suspected learning disability, a comprehensive examination is needed to establish a diagnosis, to rule out alternative explanations and to provide a sound basis for recommendations for accommodative services. Necessary diagnosis and documentation can best be conducted by a psychologist, psychiatrist or qualified learning disability specialist.

There are seven elements of disability documentation. They are:

  1. the credentials of the evaluator(s),
  2. a diagnostic statement identifying the disability,
  3. a description of the diagnostic methodology/tool used,
  4. a description of the current functional limitations,
  5. a description of the expected progression or stability of the disability,
  6. a description of current and past accommodations, services and/or medications and
  7. recommendations for accommodations, adaptive devices, assistive services, compensatory strategies and/or collateral support services.

Reviewed July 2015