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Moodle Tutorial

How to Obtain a Username and Password:

  • Username: At http://acs.nicholls.edu/email, students can enter their name to obtain their Nicholls e-mail address which contains their username. For example, a student’s Nicholls e-mail address looks like this Username@its.nicholls.edu. NOTE: Your username will be the letters and numbers before the “at” symbol (@).
    • If this search is unsuccessful, students can visit or call any open computer lab for assistance. Please specify that you are requesting assistance in determining your username or userID when contacting one of the labs listed below:
      • WAC Lab, Ellender Library (first floor), 985.448.4765
      • Cenac Lab, 109 Powell Hall, 985.448.4868
      • Ayo Lab, 101 Ayo Hall, 985.493.2560
  • Password: A student’s Moodle password is set as his/her N number. This password cannot be changed.

General Information for Using Moodle:

  • Log on to Mozila Firefox.  Locate Moodle on the Nicholls home page (under the Current Students drop-down menu) or go directly to http://moodle2.nicholls.edu/moodle/
  • Once on the Moodle site, click LOGIN on the top right of the page.
  • Enter username and password and click LOGIN. (See next question for username and password.) If you are not successful in logging in, contact a Moodle administrator by sending a request for assistance to ITsupport@its.nicholls.edu.
  • Once logged in, your online courses will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on the course you want to enter. (You can switch between classes by clicking NSUMoodle on the top left of the page.)
  • Follow the instructions listed by the instructor on the page.
  • Course content is listed in the middle of the page.
  • Click on the back arrow at the top of the page to see the previous page.


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