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Professional Land Surveyor Certification

1005-geomatics-tv-filming-08.JPGThe classes for the Professional Land Surveyor Certification have been incorporated into the geomatics program. The courses offered by Nicholls meet the 30 semester hour requirements of Louisiana Revised Statute 37.693 (3b) and (4f) for certification as a surveyor in training and/or registration as a professional land surveyor.

The requirements, which are included in the geomatics curriculum, are as follows:

A minimum of 15 semester hours from the following courses:

GEOM 101 Introduction to Geomatics 3 hours
GEOM 201 Geomatics Methods I 2 hours
GEOM 202 Geomatics Methods II 2 hours
GEOM 203 Geomatics Methods I Lab 1 hour
GEOM 204 Geomatics Methods II Lab 1 hour
GEOM 301 Route and Construction Surveys 2 hours
GEOM 303 Route and Construction Surveys Lab 1 hour
GEOM 305 Geodesy and Geodetic Coordinates 3 hours
GEOM 310
Boundary Control and Legal Principles 3 hours
GEOM 401 Subdivision Design and Platting 3 hours
GEOM 405 Geodetic Positioning Systems 3 hours
GEOM 410 Surveying and Mapping Practice 3 hours
GEOM 411 Mapping by Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 3 hours

No more than 15 semester hours from the following courses:

EGSC 101 Engineering Graphics 3 hours
EGSC 301 Introduction to Computer Aided Drawing 3 hours
EGSC 302 Computer Aided Surveying Drawing 3 hours
FINC 341 Principles of Real Estate 3 hours
FINC 441 Real Estate Appraisal 3 hours
ENGL 368 Technical Writing 3 hours
LASS 215 Legal Research 3 hours
LASS 220 Real Estate Law 3 hours

For more information, visit the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board’s web site.
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