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Early Childhood

picture-1283.jpg The first day of kindergarten isn’t the first day of learning. Children come to school speaking sentences, interacting with other students and knowing basic life skills, such as how to eat and wash their hands. As today’s parents spend more time at work, leaving less time to help their young children develop basic skills, early childhood education continues to grow in importance.The early childhood concentration prepares educators to effectively organize, administer and plan programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Courses focus on implementing curricula that develop a child’s social skills, cognitive skills and academic learning. The program also emphasizes the role of parent involvement, language development and problems, educational innovations and child growth and development.

Early childhood graduate students are required to complete a supervised teaching practicum in a preschool program. During the final semester, candidates must submit a comprehensive portfolio.

Early childhood program adviser:
Dr. Lisa Lauer, assistant professor of education

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