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Elementary Education

1109-education-demo-room-18.jpgMaybe math hasn’t changed in 20 years but how it’s taught in schools has evolved. As technology becomes more prevalent in the lives of even elementary students, instructional methods have to keep up with trends in order to keep students’ attention.

The elementary education concentration provides educators with advanced instructional methods that can be utilized in oral and written language, listening, spelling, handwriting, math, science and social studies lessons. The curriculum focuses on how to create a classroom environment that promotes literacy and life-long learning as well as how to tailor lessons for students from diverse cultural, linguistic, economic, academic and social backgrounds.

The program requires field experiences and a clinical in elementary education, in which students identify an area of needed educational improvement within a school setting and develop a plan of research to facilitate the improvement. During the final semester, candidates must also submit a comprehensive portfolio.

Elementary education program advisers:
Dr. Stephen Triche, Associate Professor of Education

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