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Secondary Education

0123-education-graduate-06.jpgSecondary school educators have a lot of competition. Today, students can teach themselves just about any lesson, whether it be related to academics or not, by surfing the Internet. Who needs school anymore? These students more than anyone. High school teachers help guide students through the massive amount of information available at their fingertips, providing one-on-one attention that a computer cannot simulate.

The secondary education concentration helps educators learn how to prepare students for the challenging future ahead of them. Courses focus on instructional methods to target diverse learners and literacy skills. The curriculum also requires 12 hours of concentrated study in the educator’s content area.

The program requires field experiences and a clinical in secondary education, in which students identify an area of needed educational improvement within a school setting and develop a plan of research to facilitate the improvement. During the final semester, candidates must also submit a comprehensive portfolio.

Secondary education program advisers:
Dr. Stephen Triche, Associate Professor of Education

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