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Royce Hooks

Counselor education graduate student
from Jacksonville, Fla.


  • Graduated in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in health and human performance from Iowa State University.
  • Former Iowa State University football player.
  • Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.
  • Worked as a graduate assistant as the assistant strength and conditioning coach with the Nicholls Athletics Department.
  • Serves as an intern at Thibodaux High School.
  • Currently works as the Nicholls Psychology Counseling Clinic manager.
  • Expects to graduate in Spring 2007.

I chose to attend Nicholls because of the good accreditation within the College of Education. Also, my mother is a school teacher and is such an inspiration to me, helping me strive to reach my goals in life. I have friends who had attended Nicholls as well, and they talked about how diverse the university was. Even though I’m from a big city, I love the small-town atmosphere that Nicholls has to offer. I was impressed with the athletic program, academics and Greek Life program. College is all about the skills you learn, the memories that you will have and the friendships that you make.

I chose this major because I wanted to work with students and inspire them to gain as much knowledge as they can early on. The decisions we all make today determines our future. I want to make sure that students are heading in the right direction in terms of what they want to do in life.

After graduation, I plan to pursue a job within the field of school counseling or health and fitness. I hope to become an ACE certified personal trainer who can work with individual athletes, high school and college athletic teams or the elderly. I also plan on becoming a licensed professional counselor, specializing in personal-social concerns, educational programs and career decision-making. It’s also my dream to get married, build a house and play semi-pro football.

The Nicholls experiences that I will always remember include:

  • when I worked as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for athletics, and the football team was named Southland Conference Champions. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that all of the hard work and dedication from the coaching staff down to the athletic trainers helped to enhance the team’s performance.
  • when I was fully admitted into the school counseling master’s program. As a Thibodaux High School intern, I am getting the full experience of what a guidance counselor does on a daily basis. I believe this has given me a chance to be an inspiration to high school students by speaking, mentoring and adding some positive thinking into their lives.
  • when I joined Kappa Alpha Psi, which was great because I valued the leadership, brotherhood, community service and its motto, “achievement in every field of human endeavor.”

In my spare time, I enjoy reading my Bible, attending church, talking on the phone with family members across the country, watching television, studying and playing football and basketball. I also spend a good bit of my time hanging out with my girlfriend and fraternity brothers, shopping, bowling, watching movies and traveling.

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