Suggestions and Resources for Online Classes

A very thorough syllabus including necessary hardware (including specifications such as operating system, browser, internet speed, and accessories) and software should be presented to students in advance of the beginning of the semester.

Necessary skills needed by the student ( including the use of Blackboard, e-mail, video creation, download and install software, etc.) to complete the course should be stated in the syllabus.

Attendance in an online class can be taken by requiring the students to log into Blackboard a minimum number (3) times a week.

Basic Skills for Online Instructors
Crys, T. E. (1997) Competence in teaching at a distance. In Crys, T. E. (Ed.) Teaching and learning at a distance: What it takes to effectively design, deliver, and evaluate programs (pp. 15-18). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  1. Instructors should know how to manage collaborative groups.
  2. Instructors should how to leverage questioning strategies effectively.
  3. Instructors should have subject matter expertise.
  4. Instructors should be able to coordinate and involve students in activities.
  5. Instructors should have knowledge of basic learning theory.
  6. Instructors should have specific knowledge of distance learning theory.
  7. Instructors should be able to correlate study guide with distance media.
  8. Instructors should be able to apply graphic design and visual thinking. (pp. 16-17)