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Faculty members selected to instruct EMBA courses are aware of the challenges that await them. EMBA students are far more demanding and knowledgeable than typical undergraduate students. That’s why the College of Business Administration assigns EMBA courses to faculty members who have done extensive field research, are widely published and keep up with cutting-edge topics in their areas of expertise. Faculty members encourage collaborative learning by using their extensive experience and knowledge to lead discussions that encourage students to share their own know-how.

Kevin Breaux
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
Associate Professor of Accounting, Director of the Executive MBA Program
  Luke Cashen
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
Director of Graduate Programs in Business, Associate Professor of Management
 abdullah.noman-2014-2-146x220 Dr. Abdullah Noman
PH.D., University of New Orleans
Assistant Professor of Finance
  John Lajaunie
Ph.D., University of New Orleans
Professor of Finance
Shari Lawrence
Ph. D., University of New Orleans
Associate Professor of Finance

Ronnie Fanguy
Ph. D., University of Southwestern Louisiana
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Viraj Varma
Ph. D., Auburn University
Assistant Professor of Management
Chuck Viosca
Ph. D., University of Alabama
Associate Professor of Marketing
Shawn Mauldin
Ph. D., University of Mississippi
Dean of the College of Business Administration & Professor of Accounting
Marilyn Macik-Frey
Ph. D., University of Texas at Arlington
Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Management


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