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Spring 2015 / Fall 2014 – Mandatory Tuition & Fees




Out of State
Out of State
1 $1,001.45 $1,080.80 $1,001.45 $1,080.80
2 $1,057.45 $1,136.80 $1,057.45 $1,136.80
3 $1,113.45 $1,192.80 $1,113.45 $1,192.80
4 $1,382.60 $1,488.40 $1,382.60 $3,196.20
5 $1,651.75 $1,784.00 $1,651.75 $3,918.75
6 $1,920.90 $2,079.60 $1,920.90 $4,641.30
7 $2,278.40 $2,463.55 $5,267.05 $5,452.20
8 $2,547.55 $2,759.15 $5,963.15 $6,174.75
9 $2,816.70 $3,773.55 $6,659.25 $8,896.95
10 $3,085.85 $3,829.55 $7,355.35 $8,952.95
11 $3,355.00 $3,885.55 $8,051.45 $9,008.95
12 or more $3,617.34 $3,934.80 $8,740.74 $9,058.20

Below is a breakdown of mandatory fees which are included in tuition and fees listed above.

Fee Description Amount
Registration Fee: $180.00
   $10 yearbook
   $10 building use
   $15 ID card activation
   $10 library fee
   $10 institutional evaluation
   $25 academic enhancement
   $15 enrollment services
   $85 student union operations
Building Use – Act 426-13 $48
University Assessed Fee (7 or more hours) $62.10
Student Self Assessed Fee (7 or more hours) $26.25
Student Assessed Recreation Center fee ($6.75 per credit hour up to a max of $74.25) $74.25
Student Assessed Recreation Center Operational Fee $78.00
Student Assessed Athletic Fee ($3.50 per credit hour up to a max of 12 hours) $42.00
Student Assessed Athletic Fee – 2013 $96.00
Student Assessed Activities Fee $129.00
Legislatively Authorized Fee – Technology fee of $5.00 per credit hour up to a max of 20 hours $100.00
Legislatively Authorized Fee – Operational fee of $5.00 per credit hour up to a max of 12 hours $60.00
Legislatively Authorized Fee – Academic Excellence fee of $10 per credit hour up to max of 12 hours or $120.00 $120.00
Energy Surcharge Fee of $7.00 per credit hour up to a max of 12 hours $84.00

Listed below are mandatory fees that may be applicable.

Lab Fees:
  $1-$350 per course, see department.
Tutoring Fees: $25-$35 per course, see department
WWW Section Fee: $50
Hybrid Course Fee: $50
VX Section Fee: $40
CCC Section Fee: $40

All students should obtain a valid university ID card that also serves as the library card, a meal ticket (when validated), and an admission ticket to special university events such as cultural attractions and athletic contests.  Students should present a valid university ID card when picking up checks from the Fee Collection Center.  Students without a valid university ID will be required to provide other valid picture identification as well as proof of enrollment when claiming checks.

There is a $15 replacement fee for the first lost, stolen, or damaged ID card.  The replacement fee is $20 for all subsequent replacement ID cards issued.

Students enrolled for fewer than 7 hours who do not pay the assessment fees are therefore not entitled to attend sponsored events such as Crawfish Day and Winter Fest.  However, students wishing to attend these events may pay the assessment fees at the Fee Collection Center after completing the registration process.  Students will be required to pay the total of all assessment fees.

Student Health Insurance
Student health insurance coverage is no longer a mandatory assessed fee.  Coverage will be available to students as a non-mandatory, optional plan Administered by Student Assurance Services underwritten by Columbian Life Insurance Company.  Any questions about the policy should be directed to Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. at (985) 446-5602.  To enroll in coverage, visit Student Assurance Services, Inc. website at www.sas-mn.com.

Application Fee: (US Citizen)
A non-refundable application fee of $20 for United States citizens will be assesed each applicant for admission or readmission to the university.

Application Fee: (International)
A non-refundable application fee of $30 for international (non-US citizens) will be assesed each applicant for admission or readmission to the university.

Orientation Fee
A non-refundable orientation fee of $100 will be assessed on each invoice for all undergraduate first-time freshmen and transfer freshmen.

Nonresident (Out-of-State) Fee
Residence status of a student for fee purposes is determined by the Office of Admissions.  A fee ranging from $1,707.80 to $5,123.40  is charged to nonresident graduate and undergraduate students each semester.  (Graduate students will be charged full-time out-of-state fees when enrolled for 9 or more credit hours.)  In certain limited cases the out-of-state fee may be waived.  Contact the Office of Admissions for details.

International Student Fee
An additional fee is levied for students classified as international students as determined by the Office of Admissions.  This is in accordance with the policy of the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System for State Colleges and Universities.  The additional fee is $60 per semester or session.

 You can request a breakdown of all university assessed fees from the Controller’s Office in Elkins Hall.


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