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  • LA law requires a consumer’s right to confidentiality. All written & oral information regarding NSU-FSC consumers must be registered as confidential & must be safeguarded to protect the rights of the consumers & their families.
  • A referral form must also be received for each child/family referred for services.
  • A staffing is a scheduled meeting with the referring caseworker & FSC staff to discuss the case referral.
  • If substance abuse is a presenting issue, the consumer must be actively engaged in substance abuse treatment &/or agree to participate in treatment before FSC services will be initiated.
  • A crisis referral is an unplanned, unforeseen event for which the family / consumer lacks resources to address & which places the family members of concern at substantial risk of not maintaining the safety, permanency & well-being of the child(ren) in the home.
  • The NSU-FSC will subcontract services with qualified professionals to secure the provision of accessible services to consumers.
  • Local qualified professionals will be secured & utilized first to provide accessible services & eliminate potential transportation issues for consumers.
  • In adherence to the Children’s Code, program staff & subcontracting staff are designated as mandatory reporters & are required by LA law to report all suspected cases of child abuse & neglect.
  • Report Suspected Abuse &/or Neglect to the Department Of Children & Family Services:

    • Lafourche & Assumption Parishes      (985) 447-0945
    • Terrebonne Parish                          (985) 857-3630
    • St. Mary Parish                               (337) 828-5278
    • St. Martin Parish                             (337) 394-6081
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