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General Education Humanities Courses

ART 110. Art Appreciation.

ART 111. Honors Art Appreciation.

ART 180. Major Art Monuments and Collections.

ART 280. Art History Survey I.

ART 281. Art History Survey II.)

ART 282. Art History Survey III.

ART 383. Art History Survey IV.

ART 384. History of Photography.

ART 386.  History of American Art.

ART 392. Readings in Art History.

ART 393.   Honors Readings in Art History.

ART 480.  Contemporary Art.

ART 481. Women in Renaissance and Baroque Art.

ART 482.   Topics in Art History.

CULA 101. Culinary History and Development.

CULA 401. Culinary History of the South.

ENGL 210. Themes in Literature.

ENGL 211. Honors Studies in Literature and Culture.

ENGL 212. Literature for Teachers.

ENGL 240. Intro. To Film Studies

ENGL 255. Short Stories and Novels.

ENGL 256. Poetry and Drama.

ENGL 315. Survey of British Literature.

ENGL 316. Survey of British Literature II.

ENGL 321. Survey of American Literature I.

ENGL 322. Survey of American Literature II.

ENGL 323. Survey of African-American Literature.

ENGL 326. Introduction to Folklore.

ENGL 332. Drama.

ENGL 340. Film Genres: The Western.

ENGL 341. Major Filmmakers.

ENGL 361. Modern Poetry.

ENGL 363. Twentieth Century Fiction.

*ENGL 424. Southern Literature.

ENGL 426. Bayou Culture.

*ENGL 427. Louisiana Literature.

ENGL 440. Topics in Film.

ENGL 451. Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Literature.

*ENGL 455. Early Nineteenth Century Literature.

*ENGL 460. Late Nineteenth Century Literature.

*ENGL 463. Studies in the Novel.

ENGL 471. Eighteenth Century British Literature.

*ENGL 475. Topics in Literature.

*ENGL 482. The Literature of the Middle Ages.

*ENGL 490. Language and Culture.

*ENGL 493. Language Concepts.

*ENGL 499. Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism.

FNAR 105. Arts in Education.

FNAR 301. Fine Arts Survey I.

FNAR 302. Fine Arts Survey II.

FREN 101. Elementary French I.

FREN 102. Elementary French II.

FREN 201. Intermediate French I.

FREN 202. Intermediate French II.

FREN 309. Children’s Literature.

FREN 310. Francophone Culture and Civilization.

FREN 315. Survey of French Literature.

FREN 316. Survey of French Literature.

FREN 324. Advanced French Language Skills Through Immersion.

FREN 330. Advanced French Conversation.

FREN 350: Introduction to Commercial French.

*FREN 401. Topics in French Language and Linguistics.

*FREN 402. Topics in Francophone Culture and Civilization.

*FREN 403. Topics in French Literature.

GEOM 409. Boundry Control and Legal Principles.

GOVT 355. Political Theory.

HIST 101. History of Western Civilization.

HIST 102. History of Western Civilization.

HIST 105. Honors Western Civilization.

HIST 106. Honors Western Civilization.

HIST 150. World History.

HIST 151. World History.

HIST 160. Honors World history I.

HIST 161. Honors World History II.

HIST 201. History of Women.

HIST 255. American History.

HIST 256. American History.

HIST 301. The American Character in Film.

HIST 303. American Military History.

HIST 307. Modern East Asia.

HIST 309. Modern Middle East and South Asia.

HIST 311. African American History.

HIST 325. The South.

HIST 333. Nineteenth Century Europe.

HIST 334. Twentieth Century Europe.

HIST 350. History of Latin America.

HIST 365. Ancient History.

HIST 368. Medieval Europe.

HIST 371. History of Louisiana.

HIST 381. English History.

HIST 382. English History.

HIST 393. French History.

*HIST 400. Russian History.

*HIST 405. Renaissance and Reformation.

HIST 411. Colonial America.

*HIST 416. The United States in the Twentieth Century.

HIST 418. The Early Republic. 1789-1824.

*HIST 420. Civil War and Reconstruction.

HIST 421. Civil War in Louisiana.

HIST 425. Hitler and Nazi Germany.

*HIST 435. United States Intellectual History.

*HIST 485. Tudor England.

*HIST 490. Problems of History.

HUMA 111. The Honors Forum.

HUMA 204. International Humanities.

HUMA 260. European Humanities.

HUMA 303.  French and Francophone Literature in Translation.

HUMA 350. Classical Mythology.

HUMA 351. The Culture of Greece and Rome.

HUMA 426. Intercultural Competencies.

HUMA 450. Religion and Culture.

HUMA 451. Culture of Western Europe.

IDST 420. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies.

MACO 101. Survey of Mass Communication.

MACO 355. History and Principles of Mass Communication.

MUS 105. General Music Appreciation.

MUS 107. Honors Music Appreciation.

MUS 240. Survey of Music Literature.

MUS 319. Jazz History.

MUS 320. History of Rock and Roll.

MUS 340. Music History: c. 400 to 1750.

MUS 341. Music History: 1750 to present.

MUS 407. World Music.

PHIL 203. General Introduction to Philosophy.

PHIL 400. Topics in Philosophy.

SPAN 101. Elementary Spanish I.

SPAN 102. Elementary Spanish II.

SPAN 201. Intermediate Spanish I.

SPAN 202. Intermediate Spanish II.

SPAN 351. Introduction to Spanish Literature.

SPAN 355. Introduction to Spanish-American Literature.

*SPAN 404. Topics in Culture and Civilization.

*SPAN 405. Topics in Literature.

SPCH 201. Interpersonal Communication.

SPCH 300. Theater and Film Appreciation.

SPCH 302. Persuasive Communication.

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