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General Admission Requirements

A Quick Look at Minimum Scores Required

Biology, Community/Technical College Mathematics:

  • 1000 combined (verbal plus quantitative) GRE score

Business Administration:

  • 430 GMAT score AND
  • 950 on the formula: overall undergraduate GPA x 200 + GMAT total score OR
  • 1000 on the formula: undergraduate GPA on last 60 hours attempted x 200 + GMAT total score


  • Submit acceptable score on the GRE (verbal plus quantitative minimum score of 800 or GRE formula minimum score of 1100 or 1300 for Educational Leadership, (taken before August 1, 2011).  A minimum score of 335 is required on the formula: GPA on last 60 undergraduate hours times 20, plus the GRE General Test score (taken after August 1, 2011).  Acceptable scores must be submitted within the first semester of entering a Master’s Program.

Specialist in School Psychology students: Obtain a minimum score of 800 (Verbal plus Quantitative) on the General portion of the GRE (taken before August 1, 2011). A minimum score of 286 (Verbal plus Quantitative ) on the General portion of the GRE (taken after August 1, 2011).

To be admitted to Nicholls as a graduate student, applicants must:

  • hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university,
  • provide official transcripts showing all previous undergraduate and graduate work attempted (whether or not credit was earned),
  • submit a formal application to the Office of Admissions at least 30 days in advance of registration,
  • have a grade point average of at least 2.50 on all undergraduate work, or 2.75 on the last 60 hours,
  • attain the minimum combined GPA/GRE or GPA/GMAT score required for the specific degree program and
  • meet all other admission requirements of the particular degree program.

Probational status:
Applicants who meet all criteria for admission except grade point average requirements may be admitted on academic probation. Prospective students with a grade point average of at least 2.0 on all undergraduate work attempted or 2.5 on the final 60 hours attempted may petition their academic dean for admission on probation. The petition may be approved provided the applicant presents the minimum GRE or GMAT scores and any other evidence requested by the dean to indicate the applicant’s potential for success at the graduate level.

Pre-program student status:
Applicants may be admitted as pre-program students if they wish to pursue a graduate degree but have not met all of the requirements for admission to a graduate program (for example: no GRE score, insufficient GMAT score or no teaching certificate). See Admission as a Non-Degree or Pre-Program Student.

Please note: Admission to the university does not imply admission to a degree program.

Please return to the main Admissions page for program admission requirements and application procedures.

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