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Program Structure / Curriculum

Program Structure / Curriculum

GTG incorporates the Creative Curriculum.  This is characterized by utilizing center activities, small group instruction and a limited number of whole-group activities.  GTG is a child-directed preschool offering hands-on, relevant learning experiences.  We will teach and challenge your child in a developmentally appropriate manner.  We use authentic assessment through questioning redirection, anecdotal notation and individual portfolio assessment.

Extra Curricular:

In addition to providing the children with opportunities such as off- and on-campus field trips, diversity through university interactions and Kinder Gym, we also have a contract with the Lafourche Parish School Board, thereby accepting service providers through Early Steps and other outside agencies.


Tuition is due the first full week of every month.  A late fee is accrued at $10 per day for the first day, and five dollars ($5) for each individual day thereafter.

Tuition is as follows:
*  $525 for five days a week

*  $395 for three days a week (M, W, F)

*  $280 for two days a week (T, TH)

Closure and Events 2014-2015

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