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IMPACT: Economic and Community Impact Study

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Nicholls Impact Study

Nicholls Economic and Community Impact Study (PDF)

hulbert2During the 2008-2009 academic year, Nicholls State University celebrates 60 years of providing educational opportunities to the Bayou Region of Louisiana. Our past is truly worthy of celebration, and our future shines brightly with the promises that only education can make possible, including rewarding careers, exposure to world culture, knowledge of humanity’s universal role and appreciation of individual growth and achievement.

Under the leadership of only four presidents, Nicholls has enjoyed steady and stable progress as it matures into a comprehensive university serving the diverse needs of the region and state. Historically and today, many different people have contributed to the emergence of Nicholls as a great university. Faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni, the Nicholls Foundation, boosters and friends of the university — all have helped to define who we are, and how we serve, today and in the years to come.

Just as these individuals and organizations have given greatly of themselves to Nicholls, so has this university given much back to them and to the communities of our region. Our $60 million annual operating budget generates spending that makes our economic impact exponentially larger than our own annual fiscal outlay might indicate. Then, too, our growing and improving campus represents an investment of tens of millions of dollars that will stay in the Bayou Region for good, a solid base for shining higher education’s light.

Educational opportunity, community service, locally oriented research, cultivation of the arts, generation of economic activity — these are ongoing benefits of the presence of Nicholls in the region and state. Citizens of Louisiana are rightly proud and protective of an uncommon resource like Nicholls. So are those of us privileged to be part of our university’s 60-year history of making life better for those we serve.

Stephen T. Hulbert

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