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Glenny Lee Buquet

glennyleebuquetGlenny Lee Buquet
Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

, La.

“Nicholls State University provides an educational benefit to the students in our area that is hard to calculate because so many Nicholls graduates are first-time degree holders in their families,” said Glenny Lee Buquet, member of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. “I don’t think we would have nearly the teaching core that we need for our growing area were it not for the fact that students can stay at home and commute or live on campus.”

Further evidence of Nicholls’s economic impact can be found in the College of Business Administration – which has “formed a tremendous pool of experts who have helped our area grow” – and the Louisiana Center for Dyslexia and Related Learning Disorders is a facility unique to Nicholls and a “tremendous aide across the entire state,” Buquet said.

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