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Faculty & Staff

Charles R. Ordoyne Samuel H. Cagle
Chief Information Officer Deputy Chief Information Officer
985.448.4420 985.448.4408
Slade C. Besson Stacey B. Latka
Director, Telecom & Networking Director, Enterprise Information Serv.
985.449.7010 985.448.4414
Perry I. Lawless Kim N. Cheesbrough
Director, Academic Computing Administrative Program Specialist A
985.448.4417 985.448.4419
PRODuction Support Staff
Darren T. Adams Chris A. Usey
Systems Analyst Senior Systems Programmer
985.448.4412 985.448.4409
Claire A. Shaw Leroy J. Trosclair, Jr.
Information Equipment Operator 3 Systems Analyst
985.448.4410 985.448.4940
Network / Telecommunication Support Staff
Louis J. Caro, Jr. Jared Domangue
Telecom. Coordinator Network Manager
985.448.4999 985.449.7011
Lucas LeCompte
Network Specialist
PC Support Staff
Tim Authement
Computer Specialist
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