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Faculty & Staff

Information Technology
Charles R. Ordoyne Samuel H. Cagle
Chief Information Officer Deputy Chief Information Officer
985.448.4420 985.448.4408
 Kim N. Cheesebrough
 Administrative Program Specialist A
Academic Computing
Perry I. Lawless Ryan N. Dubina
Director, Academic Computing Instructional Technology Specialist
985.448.4417 985.448.4978
Karla B. Harrison Cathy Keehn
Instructional Technology Specialist Computer Specialist
985.448.4200 985.448.4202
Glenn J. Verdun Nik Dronet
Computer Specialist Senior Systems Programmer
985.449.7126 985.448.4439
Enterprise Information Systems
Stacey B. Latka Chris A. Usey
Director, Enterprise Information Systems Senior Systems Programmer
985.448.4414 985.448.4409
Claire A. Shaw  Darren T. Adams
Information Equipment Operator 3  Systems Analyst
985.448.4410  985.448.4412
Tim Authement
Systems Analyst
Network / Telecommunication Support Staff
Slade C. Besson Jared Domangue
Director, Telecom & Networking Network Manager
985.449.7010 985.449.7011
Lucas LeCompte  Louis J. Caro, Jr
Network Specialist  Telecom. Coordinator
985.449.7173  985.448.4999
PC Support Staff
 Adam Lamartina
 PC Specialist
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