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Fall 2011 MAPP highlights, trend analyses, and history of past administrations

Highlights of the Fall 2011 MAPP test include:

  • The mean total score was 440.01, with a possible range of 400-500.
  • 60% of eligible Nicholls students (i.e., that have completed their general education courses) were rated proficient on Level 1 Reading
  • Only 4% of eligible students were rated proficient on the Critical Thinking portion of the test
  • 61% of eligible students were rated proficient on Level 1 Writing
  • 47% of eligible students were rated proficient on Level 1 Mathematics

Trend analyses – To see changes in overall mean scores, subscores by subject area, and “context-based” subscores (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences) on the MAPP test for Nicholls students between Fall 2006 – Fall 2011, click here.  Click on the attached links to see changes in Level 1 proficiency status over this time for reading, critical thinking, writing, and mathematics.

History –  For MAPP mean score and proficiency level results for all administrations between Fall 2006 – Fall 2010, click on the appropriate links below:

Fall 2006 – mean scores; proficiency levels

Spring 2007 – mean scores; proficiency levels

Summer 2007 – June (mean scores; proficiency levels), July (mean scores; proficiency levels)

Fall 2008 – mean scores; proficiency levels

Fall 2009 – mean scores; proficiency levels

Fall 2010 – mean scores; proficiency levels


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