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Fall 2013 Graduating senior employment survey highlights and history

Highlights of the Fall 2013 graduating senior employment survey include:

  • Of the 342 graduates surveyed, 73% planned to receive a bachelor’s degree, while 17% planned to receive a master’s degree.
  • 59% of graduates planned to pursue a higher degree after graduation
  • 23% of graduates reported registering with the Office of Career Services.  Of those registered, the most common services used were career days/job fairs (used by 49% of registered students) and resume critiques (used by 42% of registered students)
  • Almost three-fifths (57%) of graduates found that attending a Nicholls-sponsored career day or job fair was helpful in their job search
  • Slightly over two-fifths (41%) of graduates reported working full-time, while exactly one-third (33%) reported working part-time.  For a breakout of graduate employment status by number of hours worked (full-time / part-time) and relationship of employment to degree field, click here.
  • Of the 26% of graduates that were not employed at time of graduation, almost one-third (31%) have interviewed for jobs, while almost one-fifth (18%) have received job offers.  For a full breakdown of job search activities for non-employed graduates, click here.

History of graduating senior employment surveys:

Click on the appropriate link to see surveys of graduating Nicholls seniors from Spring 2008 through Fall 2012.

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