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Spring 2013 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)

Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)

The main part of the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory consists of 45 items where the respondent rates both the importance of the item (ranging from “1 – Not important at all” to “7 – Very important”) and their level of satisfaction with the item (ranging from “1 – Not satisfied at all” to “7 – Very satisfied”).  To see a sample of the Noel-Levitz SSI, click here).  For descriptions of the nine SSI scales, click here.

The survey was completed during the Spring 2013 semester by 765 Nicholls students and 4,870 students at all nine University of Louisiana (UL) System institutions combined.  In addition, the survey was completed by 28,723 students at four-year public institutions across the United States within the past year.  Results from all three respondents groups will be discussed below.

 SSI “low satisfaction” items:

On six items, Nicholls respondents reported significantly lower scores (at the .001 level) than both UL system and national respondents.  Click here to see a graph showing the percent of Nicholls and UL system students that were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” on those items. (Note: Percentage distributions are not available for national respondents on these items.)

 SSI “high satisfaction” items:

On five items, Nicholls respondents reported significantly higher scores (at the .05 level) than national respondents.  Click here to see a graph showing mean scores on these items for Nicholls, UL system, and national respondents.

SSI enrolling importance items:

The SSI also includes eight items asking respondents to rate the importance of various factors (e.g., cost, academic reputation, campus visits, etc.) on their decision to attend their current institution.  For mean scores on these items for Nicholls, UL system, and national respondents, click here.  To see the percentage of Nicholls and UL system students responding “important” or “very important”, click here.

SSI summary items:

At the conclusion of the survey are three “summary items” that attempt to measure the respondent’s overall satisfaction with their college experience.  To see breakouts on these items for Nicholls, UL system, and national respondents, click here.

SSI quadrant graphs:

These quadrant graphs plot the importance and satisfaction mean scores on each SSI item for Nicholls, UL system, and national respondents.  The numbers in the graphs correspond with the number on the SSI sample form above, and the number colors correspond to the chart included in the first workbook of the attachment.  The average satisfaction and importance scale scores for all items are indicated by the dashed line in the graph (horizontal line for satisfaction and vertical line for importance).  For example, item #21 on the Nicholls graph (“My academic advisor is knowledgeable about requirement in my major”) in the right front quadrant is above the Nicholls averages for both satisfaction and importance.   To see these graphs, click here. (Note: Some items are included in more than one scale.  These items will appear in the graphs in the color of only one scale, not with multiple colors for multiple scales.)

SSI summary and report:

For a short summary of the Noel-Levitz SSI and the Spring 2013 results, click here.  For a full report on the Noel-Levitz SSI results for Spring 2013, including demographic comparisons between Nicholls respondents and the overall student population,detailed results from the SSI scales and items, and relationship between SSI items and summary items, click here.

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