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Study Abroad

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Exchange programs: Direct semester or year of study with Nicholls’ partner universities.
Faculty led programs: On-site international experience organized and led by Nicholls’ faculty members.

One of the most rewarding experiences a student can have is the opportunity to study abroad.  Nicholls State University offers several study abroad programs and options to students who wish to add an international experience to their academic studies.

Studying abroad will help you to –

  • gain a greater degree of intercultural understanding – You will view yourself and others in a different, more enlightened way;
  • learn or improve your foreign language skills – There is no better way to do so  than being in contact with native speakers;
  •  be a better job candidate – In a global economy, an international experience can give you a competitive edge on your resume;
  • make life-long connections – Meet new people, experience new food and culture and create new friendships.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience.  We encourage all Nicholls students to pursue a part of their studies in an international setting.


Exchange Programs at Partner University

One way to study abroad is to participate in an exchange program at one of our partner institutions. We currently have active agreements in France (five Universities), South Korea, and Great Britain. For a semester or a year, students from the College of Business Administration, Mass Communication or Language and Literature at Nicholls may earn credits in their field of study while immersed in  the culture, language and traditions of the host country.

While participating in these partner Exchange programs, Nicholls students are considered active at Nicholls State University. Grades and credits are pre-approved by the student’s academic program at Nicholls and will be added to the official transcript upon receipt from the partner University following the period of study abroad.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for these exchange programs are paid directly to Nicholls State University; and are equivalent to the student’s Nicholls tuition and fees. In addition, any scholarships including TOPS will be credited to the student for the period of study abroad.

In general, exchange students are responsible for the following expenses*:

- All travel related expenses including any fees related to acquiring a study visa.
- Housing and living expenses
- Meals
- Textbooks and school supplies

*Cost of these expenses may vary depending on the foreign institution

Click here for more details about exchange programs at partner Universities or contact:

Marilyn Gonzalez
Assistant Director – International Student Services


Faculty-led programs

Faculty led programs allow students to have a short term international experience accompanied by a Nicholls Faculty member. Annual programs are conducted by the Art Department, Arts & Sciences (Nicholls Europe), the College of Business in Costa Rica and China, and the University Honors Program.

Each Faculty-led program has its own specific criteria for admission and cost.  For more information about faculty-led programs click here or meet with your faculty advisor.


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