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Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci (PULV)

Paris – La Défense, France

Terms available: Fall, Spring, one semester onlylogo-pulv

Open to Juniors and Seniors with a College of Business major.

The university

Located in the heart of La Défense, the business district of Paris, the Pôle Universitaire Leonard de Vinci (PULV) gathers 2,500 students in three different schools of higher education. Founded in 1995, PULV offers well designed infrastructures and equipment, and allows student to study in Europe’s premier business district.

Visit PULV’s website for more information


International students can take classes in all the subjects offered by EMLV (management school) and IIM (multimedia school), our partners within PULV.

EMLV (Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci)

-          Entrepreneurship
-          E-Business
-          Marketing-Distribution
-          Operational Management of SMEs
-          Corporate Finance – Risk Management
-          Market Finance
-          Management Control and Information Systems
-          Human Resources Management
-          Sports and Athletes Management
-          Company and Corporate Social Responsibility

For information about the class offerings, refer to the EMLV website.

IIM (Institut de l’Internet et du Multimedia)

-          Web & E-Business
-          Communication
-          Visual Communication
-          Animation (Cinema)
-          Video Games

For information about the class offerings, refer to the IIM website.

Nicholls students must enroll in at least four courses per semester.

The campuspulv-pole-universitaire-leonard-de-vinci-paris-la-defense

PULV is located in the premier business district of Europe: La Défense. Among other things it includes 1,300 headquarters, 90,000 executives and higher positions, 10,000,000 ft² of offices and gathers 20% of the management related jobs in Paris. The geographic area and economic environment is outstanding, immersing students in the economic world and giving them the opportunity to build a strong network of businesses.

The Pole infrastructures, unique in means, technology and human resources are also a good work motivation and sources of intellectual development.

The university is easily accessible through public transportation.


The PULV has partnerships with student residences in Paris. Reservations for housing must be submitted to the PULV’s international relations office during their process of admission.
Students can also find their own apartments but housing in Paris is quite expensive and difficult to find.

To apply

1. Complete a Study abroad application form
2. Meet with your academic advisor to get approval for study abroad exchange program.
3. Turn in the application at International Students services in Student life.

French Student Visa Process

Please go on the following link: http://www.nicholls.edu/international/french-student-visa-process. You will know every step necessary to perform in order to obtain a French Student Visa.

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