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Mission And Goals



The Office of International Student Services (ISS) promotes student success by providing support to Nicholls State University’s international graduate, undergraduate and exchange students.

Services include:

  • Advising on and facilitating compliance with U.S. immigration regulations
  • Conducting special international student orientation sessions that help guide international students through a smooth transition in their academic, social and cultural adjustment to life at Nicholls State University.
  • Serving as primary campus liaison to U.S government agencies (Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Student and Exchange Visitor Program) in issues relevant to F1 and J1 students to ensure access to updated and accurate immigration information
  • Providing opportunities for cross-cultural experiences through student and community programming


The Office of International Student Services directly supports the following strategic goals of Nicholls State University.

  • Increase the level of educational attainment for students
  • Achieve greater accountability, efficiency and effectiveness across campus
  • Provide cultural enrichment and service to the community
  • Invest strategically in university employees to enhance customer service

Goal 1:  Compliance – Enhance the quality of international student experience by providing high quality immigration advising and preventing all but willful status violations

  • Ensure University and international student compliance to Federal regulations for F1 and J1 students
    • Submit recertification request for J1 program with proper documentation and support from administration.  Result:  J1 recertification granted on May 2, 2013
    • Conduct document audit in Fall 2013 to ensure that information for all F1 and J1 students is consistent in SEVIS and Banner (ongoing each semester)
    • Restructure International Orientation program in Fall 2013 to focus greater attention  on  student responsibility for and compliance to Federal requirements for  maintaining F1 and J1 student status (new format, new presentations implemented in Fall 2013 and refined in Spring 2014 to include Saturday tour of Campus Recreation Center) 
    • Attend Region III NAFSA Conference in October, 2013. Result: Attended Region III NAFSA Conference in Rodgers, AR from October 22-24, 2013.

Student Outcome Goal:  International students will demonstrate knowledge about their immigration status and understand the requirements for maintaining their visa status.

Goal 2: Resource and Program Development – Increase access to and resources for programs and materials to ensure quality events and services for the international student

  • Establish account and budget for international student fee allocation
    —Submit budget to Business Affairs – Summer 2013
  • Develop donor campaign to ensure growth and continuity for International student scholarships
    —Utilize the Annual International Banquet to promote fund raising efforts (increased International Scholarships awarded to two $500 scholarships)
    —Kick off the scholarship donor campaign (Spring 2014)
  • Support student efforts to develop diverse and creative fund raising strategies for their activities (ongoing)

Student Outcome Goal: International students will gain experience in allocation of resources, while planning programs and services to enrich their educational experience.

Goal 3: Outreach and Collaboration – Strengthen cross-cultural engagement among the student body and the campus community

  • Engage faculty members, staff and community in International student events, workshops
  • Collaborate with other campus student organizations to create programs and events relevant to world issues

Student Outcome Goal: International students and American students  will demonstrate a better understanding of one another and higher awareness of global issues.

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