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National Girls Leadership Academy 2013

Dates for 2012 National Girls Leadership Academy are                         July 31-August 4, 2012!

Honorary Chairs:

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu

Congressman Rodney Alexander

Why National Girls Leadership Academy?

What makes National Girls Leadership Academy (NGLA) different?

NGLA connects the pragmatic communication and leadership skills with policy and political competence in a positive culture of understanding and execution. NGLA is results oriented! Our programming has been tested though the Louisiana Girls Leadership Academy (LGLA). The policy education and emphasis in service projects initiated in team competition and executed using the leadership skills acquired during the academy experience resulted in LGLA high performance deliverables.


Who can attend?

Young women with high leadership potential entering the 8th through 11th grades should be nominated.

To determine high potentials, acceptance criteria includes:

1) participation in service projects and leadership though school, community, or church; 2) honors and awards; 3) minimum 2.6 GPA; 4) letter of recommendation; 5) student essay (150 words)

Where and what is the academy experience?

-   Participants are housed at Nicholls State University, nestled in Louisiana’s culturally rich bayou region.

-   Field trips include visits to Louisiana’s capital, Baton Rouge, and the capital of Southern hospitality and political history, New Orleans.

-   Participants enjoy daily meals in the award winning university cafeteria and receive all materials needed to foster the complete National Girls Leadership Academy experience.

-   Keynote addresses by nationally recognized speakers such as Jenna Bush (LGLA keynote 2010) is a highlight of closing ceremonies.

-   Presentations on public service and public policy from Congressional and state leaders are memorable features of opening and/or closing ceremonies.



Benefits for Young Leaders

Engage the next generation of leaders

Increase leader effectiveness among diverse followers

Make leaders with high potential more pragmatic and engaged

Enhance face to face and electronic networking skills to promote future opportunities

Establish a forum for leaders to exchange ideas across cultures and policy issues

Create a proactive culture of cooperation, collaboration, and completion

Introduce and implement agendas of change through service project: Energy and  the Environment


Benefits for Louisiana

Introduce Louisiana’s intellectual property to young leaders from across the USA


Introduce young leaders to Louisiana’s culture and its educational potential


Build economic development by introducing Louisiana to other states through the next generation of leaders

Benefit for all States

Introduce states’ high potential young leaders to pragmatic leadership and pragmatism in national policy issues


Create a forum for high potential leaders to dialogue and engage with high potential leaders from various states and cultures


Help young leaders develop network coalitions across states

Introduce Louisiana leaders and leaders from other states to multiple perspectives on national policy through engagement with current or former members of Congress and state leaders. Current emphasis is on energy and the environment

NGLA Nominations and Sponsorships

“If you build it, they will come.”

The Louisiana Center for Women and Government has designed the modules for NGLA on the solid foundation of LGLA (2010 LGLA brochure in packet)! The field of dreams will become a reality with your support.

NGLA requests that the Louisiana Congressional Delegation act as the Honorary Host Committee for the academy.


Candidates may be nominated by:

  • female members of Congress
  • members of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation Host Committee
  • members of the U.S. Energy Committee
  • leaders of state Centers for Women and Government or Women’s Programming Centers

Each Congressional Nominator will be asked to consider

  • sponsorship of $500 toward the cost of participation of his/her nominee.

The Louisiana Center for Women and Government will

  • manage a fundraising campaign to support the remaining cost of training and accommodations for each candidate. Experience with LGLA suggests the cost per participant to be $800 for a 4-5 day high intensity training.

Names and resumes of candidates will be submitted to NGLA committee at

Louisiana Center for Women and Government

P.O. Box 2062, Nicholls State University

Thibodaux, LA 70310

Candidates will be notified

  • of nomination, the name of the nominator, academy program dates, modules, agendas, university policy, accommodations, meal provisions –ALL of which is included in the complete academic experience.
  • of candidate responsibility for transportation costs and nominal processing fee.

Pervasive Communication Competence

Lead through Communication                                                              Module I


  • Learn to use language effectively:

-    promote understanding

-    gain cooperation

-    craft a message; craft your agenda

-    motivate and persuade

  • Learn to identify opportunities for action

-    communicate for understanding

-    communicate for empathy

  • Learn the benefits and disadvantages of electronic communication


  • Learn to conquer the camera


  • Learn strategies for image building


Pragmatic Leadership and Political Competence

Lead through Relationships                                                                      Module II


  • Build relationships through leadership

-        understand your own leadership style

-        understand your follower’s needs and expectations

  • Build relationships through face to face networking

-        use electronic networking strategically and positively to reinforce relationships

  • Build relationships through teams

-        manage peer pressure; manage conflict

-        learn to identify allies and resistors to agendas

-        map the political terrain and build support

  • Build relationships through power

-        understand the power of power

-        build power; manage power

-        learn to seek mutually beneficial relationships by avoiding abuse of power

  • Build relationships through meetings

-        learn how to run a meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order

-        learn how to achieve order while being inclusive to high potential leaders and ideas

Public Service and Policy Competence

Lead through Public Service                                                                      Module III


  • Learn about policies important to Louisiana and our nation through the five E’s

-        Economy

-        Education

-        Efficiency

-        Energy

-        Environment

  • Learn to build an agenda for a service project
  • Learn to manage a service project in competitive teams on


  • Use mentors available to your team to push a competitive agenda forward
  • Learn through responsible citizenship

-        local government experience

grades 8 and 9, city council engagement

-        state government experience

grades 10 and 11, legislative engagement

  • Learn the ABC’s of running for office

-        learn the tools of strategic evaluation, planning techniques, and management skills necessary for running a successful campaign

-        learn the power of winning with humility and losing with grace

  • Learn through team presentation to judges from a Louisiana Chapter of American Petroleum Institute (API)







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