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About Us


Ellender Memorial Library has been a selective depository for Louisiana state government publications since 1960 and a selective depository for the United States Federal Depository Library Program since 1962. The library serves the 3rd Congressional District of Louisiana and provides free access to the public.The library has an extensive collection in a wide variety of formats including paper, microform, maps, CDs, kits, and online documents. Government Information covers a broad range of topics such as Agriculture, Business, Education, Health, Science, & Statistics. For more on government information, including how to read a SuDoc number and how to cite a government document, see our tutorial page.


Where to Begin?
Begin searching for government information in our library catalog. Use our guides, Information Sorted by Colleges, and our Recommended Websites.


Why Use Government Information?

  • Reliability – Government Information can be the product of research at the highest level and it is often the most current information available on an issue.
  • Primary Sources – Much government information – such as hearings and court cases – is considered primary source material.
  • Authenticity – Many electronic government publications come with authentication seals.
  • Comprehensiveness – With a few exceptions, research in almost any subject area is incomplete without consulting government sources.
  • Responsibility – As citizens of a democracy, it’s our duty to be informed about governmental actions.
  • Economy – Almost all government information is freely available to all users, not just Nicholls students. You have already paid for government information through your tax dollars so make use of it!

Come by and visit us on the 3rd floor. We are ready to show you what government information has to offer.

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