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Mission & Goals Statement

As the academic support center of Nicholls State University, the Ellender Memorial Library strengthens the present and future curriculum, instructional, research, and public service programs of the University, a comprehensive regional institution serving south central Louisiana.


Vision and Goals:
The Ellender Memorial Library will continue to be an exceptional academic library  …  the effective, efficient educational support center at the heart of a dynamic university community where students, faculty, staff, and administration (as well as friends and neighbors on occasion) come, individually and in groups, [i] for portable information not readily available elsewhere, [ii] for instruction on how to access, assess and use same, and [iii] for an hospitable place where a wide range of learning, social networking, community service, and relaxation can and do readily occur in a suitable assortment of appropriately equipped and properly furnished areas and rooms  …  open when other facilities are not.


The Five Laws of Library Science:

Books Are for Use

Every Reader His Book

Every Book Its Reader

Save the Time of the Reader

Library is a Growing Organism.

S.R. Ranganathan (1892-1972)



22 February 2013

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