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Poster Printer Guidelines and Policy


Appointments for printer use are available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. In order to print, you must complete the NSU Poster Requisition Form.  Once you submit the form, please call (985) 448-4635 to schedule an appointment.

Reservations for printing must be made 48 hours in advance. We strongly encourage you to make your reservations at least 72 hours in advance. Please allow one hour for completion of the poster.

Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint ® Presentations will be accepted for printing.

Please bring the following items with you for your appointment:

Your poster file stored on a USB “thumb drive” or a CD (please test the CD’s readability before you bring it over to the library).

We recommend you bring a cardboard or plastic storage/mailing tube or plastic trash bag to protect your finished poster when you take it from the building.

The Designated Operator assisting you will open your PowerPoint or Publisher file on the computer. Both of you will preview the document’s format to make sure that it will print properly and appear as you expect. Please review your poster carefully before your appointment so that time is not wasted unnecessarily with making corrections. You are responsible for the poster’s content and layout.

Once you are satisfied with the document’s appearance, you will then approve printing by the Designated Operator.

The ink should dry fairly quickly, but that depends on factors such as your poster background (i.e., white color versus something that uses a mix of colors). Also, please check your poster carefully before you handle or roll-up the poster in order to avoid smudging it. And remember – this is a shared facility. Space is limited and the room must be kept uncluttered. Do not plan on leaving posters in the room overnight.

We do not have equipment for laminating posters. Kinko’s and several other companies offer this service (at a significant cost).


With the permission of the Library Directors or their designated representative and by appointment only, the University Library’s over-size printer may be used, in descending order of priority:

  • For student scholastic needs only, principally to support the presentation of research both on campus for participation in University Research Week and for poster presentations beyond the University Campus;
  • For the academic faculty’s external scholastic presentation needs; and,
  • To support the University Library’s mission (e.g., posters featuring University units, their programs and their faculty/staff,  banners for major Library displays, Library signage best produced on the poster printer).

Nicholls faculty and students who need to have a poster printed in order to participate in research presentations should complete the NSU Poster Requisition Form.

For those poster printing needs that cannot be served through the Library, the Office of University Printing and Design Services is available. http://www.nicholls.edu/printing/

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