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Proctoring Policy

On the rare occasions that we have requests for proctoring the research librarians will supervise these tests whether online or in written format free of charge. The student will be placed nearby where the librarian can survey whether near the reference desk or in an office. Community members will be allowed to participate in our program for free also.

As mentioned, the librarians at Ellender Memorial Library rarely receive such requests. In the future if such requests become a burden or if this service detracts from the librarians’ duties, then this policy will have to be reexamined.

Proctoring is available by appointment only. It is preferred that the request be submitted at least one week before the test date. The Library reserves the right to discontinue proctoring service for any student.

Due to limitations of the library facilities, a quiet and distraction-free testing environment cannot be guaranteed. Lab computers are on a first come, first served basis and will not be held for exams. Students are welcome to bring their own laptops and connect to the student wireless network to take their exams.

The Library cannot accommodate large groups of testing students. No more than three students will be accepted in any one time slot, and no more than three students will be accepted for a single exam.

Although the Library tries to accommodate all reasonable requests for proctoring, the following conditions apply:

Students must bring a valid photo ID(driver’s license, passport, or military ID).
Any necessary forms and test materials must be given to library staff before testing begins.

Proctors will enforce any time limits or test specifications as provided by the instructor.



Revised 6/30/14

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