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Faculty and Staff

chadw.JPG Dr. Ken Chadwick, Head Professor of Management and Head of the Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration
146 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4211 E-mail: ken.chadwick@nicholls.edu
Faculty Staff Headshots Fall 2013 Mrs. Melanie Boudreaux, MBA Instructor of Management
128 Powell Hall Phone: 985.449.7017 E-mail: melanie.boudreaux@nicholls.edu
Dr. Luke Cashen Associate Professor of Management and MBA Director
104 White Hall Phone: 985.448.4178 E-mail: luke.cashen@nicholls.edu
Dr. Laura Coogan Assistant Professor of Economics
153 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4186 E-mail: laura.coogan@nicholls.edu
Dr. Morris Coats Professor of Economics
102A White Hall Phone: 985.448.4237 E-mail: morris.coats@nicholls.edu
Dr. Earl Davis Assistant Professor of Economics
309A Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4193 E-mail: earl.davis@nicholls.edu
Dr. J Field Assistant Professor of Marketing
150 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4181 E-mail: J.Field@nicholls.edu
Dr. Jeff Haynie Assistant Professor of Managment
316 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4192 E-mail: jeffrey.haynie@nicholls.edu
Dr. Xun Li Assistant Professor of Management
125 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4236 E-mail: xun.li@nicholls.edu
Dr. Marilyn Macik-Frey Assistant Dean & Assistant Professor of Management
106 White Hall Phone: 985.448.4179 E-mail: marilyn.macik-frey@nicholls.edu

Dr. William Neese Assistant Professor of Marketing
123 Powell Hall Phone: 985.449.7118 E-mail: bill.neese@nicholls.edu

Ms. Laura Lott Valenti, MBA Instructor of Marketing
152 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4187 E-mail: laura.valenti@nicholls.edu
Faculty/Staff Headshots Day #1 Fall 2014 Dr. Viraj Varma Assistant Professor of Management
311 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4240 Email: viraj.varma@nicholls.edu
Dr. Chuck Viosca Associate Professor of Marketing
102B White Hall Phone: 985.449.7016 E-mail: chuck.viosca@nicholls.edu
Annette Adams Administrative Coordinator
146 Powell Hall Phone: 985.448.4175 Email: annette.adams@nicholls.edu


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