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Dr. J Robert Field

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. J Robert Field says “I started teaching when I was 16 with the American Red Cross teaching Water Safety, CPR and First Aid courses and eventually became an Instructor/Trainer for Water Safety and Lifeguarding. My passion for teaching is what drove me to the PhD program after receiving my MBA from NSU. After 4 years teaching in Michigan, 2 years in Canada and 1 year in Florida, I am excited to be HOME teaching at my Alma Mater ! I attempt to create a fun learning environment for my students with the right amount of education and entertainment.”

Dr. Field believes that the faculty at Nicholls best prepared him for his career. What he likes most is the level of interaction that he has with the students due to the small class sizes. “That has not changed since I was an undergraduate – the availability of faculty outside of class and their willingness to help the students.” The most memorable experience at Nicholls was Dr. Bergiel’s overhead slides, short hand notation (stick figure of a person = consumers), and the ¼ cucumber on the key ring used to hold the transparencies on the projector. Oh and coffee in the union with Dr. B! The most recent experience was the Study Abroad – China trip. “I wish I had taken the opportunity in my undergraduate days to go on one of these trips!”

When asked what advice he has for current students, Dr. Field responded, “It’s your education/degree! You will learn and retain more when you actively participate in the educational process. Don’t be late to Dr. Bergiel’s classes!”

B.S., M.B.A., Nicholls State University; Ph.D., Mississippi State University

Contact information:
150 Powell Hall
Phone: 985-448-4181
E-mail: j.field@nicholls.edu

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