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Dr. Xun Li

Assistant Professor of Management                      

“Awaken people’s curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark.” – Anatole France

Dr. Li states “My teaching philosophy is “edification”—education plus modification, which is a continuous mutual-enhancing process between instructor and students. To carry this philosophy into teaching practices effectively, I view teaching as an opportunity for disseminating important theoretical concepts while emphasizing relevant managerial applications and, as a general goal, to enhance students’ learning capacity and motivation.”

Dr. Li proudly admits that “Teaching a course in Business Management at both Graduate and Undergraduate levels are both science and art. The scientific part comes in explaining the basic principles, solving quantitative problems and working methodically with the application tools. The art part comes into play in interpreting the results, simulating the minds of the students towards the subject and bringing together various perspectives to form a coherent thought. I have always believed in stimulating the minds of the student and equipping them with appropriate tools so that the subject becomes interesting and challenging. In this process of intertwining science with art, both students and I are educated and modified.”

Dr. Li views research as an inseparable part in being a good instructor. Her research and passion for teaching have complemented each other. She believes that new ideas for research or a new way of looking at an existing problem have been the gains from interacting with students and by going back to the basic theory. Her teaching has also improved by giving the students the latest concepts, cases and examples which might not have been covered in their textbooks.

Dr. Li’s current research interests include work design in supply chains, supply chain agility, the effects of inter-organizational systems on supply chain performance, and privacy/security issues in information sharing.

B.A., University of International Relations, Beijing, China; M.B.A., University of Dayton; Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Contact information: 
125 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4236
E-mail: xun.li@nicholls.edu

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