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Dr. Laura L. Coogan

Assistant Professor of Economics

Professor Coogan believes that life is an adventure.  Born and raised in Florida, she attended several universities and had earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from New College of Florida before embarking on a career in the Merchant Marine.  For a decade, she traveled to over thirty nations and islands by sea, earned an Unlimited Second Mate’s and 1600-Ton Master’s licenses, supervised port operations,  was an instructor on training vessels, and served in the Naval Reserve.

While working shore side as a transportation analyst, Laura began her transition from sea to academics.  An MBA was followed by several years as an economic and financial consultant, and those experiences ultimately led her to earn a doctorate in economics from the University of Kentucky.

Professor Coogan enjoys teaching and believes the biggest reward from education is an increase in opportunities.   As a labor economist, she is well aware that more education typically opens the door to higher paying employment, but she has found that the variety of career opportunities is just as important.

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B.A., New College of Florida; B.S., United States Merchant Marine Academy; M.B.A., University of North Florida; M.S. & Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Contact Information:
153 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4186
Email: laura.coogan@nicholls.edu

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