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Mrs. Laura Lott Valenti

 Instructor of Marketing

“I have always wanted to communicate with learners by enthusiastically transferring knowledge in a manner in which they could retain information and use it to launch their own career.”  Valenti combines book knowledge, interactive class discussion of experience, and hands-on projects in an effort to prepare learners for a more real-world concept of marketing.  “The idea is that learners leave the class feeling more confident in being able to approach marketing concepts in practice at all altitudes, understanding that marketing can serve as the ‘hub,’ and must exist at a considerable capacity for the achievement of success in an organization.”

Valenti’s teaching philosophy stems from a professional background in sales, franchising as a marketer and executive, entrepreneur, recruiter for a Fortune 115 company, and continued practice in these fields.  Success and education happened quickly for Valenti, as she worked on the two simultaneously since beginning college, which enabled her to climb the corporate ladder quickly.  With roles extending from Franchise Marketing Manager to Website Director, Valenti realized that she also needed to better balance her quality of life.  This is where she found her love for teaching in higher education.

Valenti was particularly turned onto teaching in higher education through teaching marketing classes in franchisee school for Planet Beach Franchising Corporation and guest speaking on college campuses with Northwestern Mutual.  She began teaching at the University of New Orleans as an Adjunct Instructor, a class called Personal Selling, where she taught learners how to sell themselves whether it be for an interview, in a selling relationship or building partnerships in the marketing and sales environments.

Laura Lott Valenti earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and her Master of Business Administration from the University of New Orleans.  She is excited to be a faculty member at Nicholls State University as an Instructor of Marketing.  Valenti’s philosophy is that “marketing involves critical thinking, facilitates innate skills, and channels these skills into an effective discipline.  Learning this should be personal; therefore, students should be encouraged to express their personal experiences as they relate to the subject matter.”

Outside the classroom, Valenti loves spending time with her husband in their home city, New Orleans.  She also volunteers with the Louisiana Chapter of Cystic Fibrosis, United Way for Greater New Orleans, is a committee member for the LASPCA’s Howling Success event, and donates to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Kiva, and Heifer International.  Fun fact: Pageantry is also a new found love for Valenti.  She is the reigning Mrs. Louisiana United States where she uses her title as a microphone to encourage young adults to “dream big and, most importantly, make it happen!”

B.A. & M.B.A., University of New Orleans

Contact Information:
152 Powell Hall
Phone 985.448.4187
E-mail: laura.valenti@nicholls.edu

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