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Faculty and Staff

The Department of Music is committed to its reputation as a center of quality education in the performing arts that meets the multi-cultural needs of the region. Our outstanding faculty members strive to develop an understanding and appreciation for the performing arts among not only music majors but also the general student population.


Gregory Torres
Interim Head and Director of Bands
james James Alexander
Lecturer and director of the string program
Violin and viola, string studies
Dr. Michael Bartnik
Assistant Professor
Woodwinds, music literature
Dr. Valerie Francis
Assistant Professor
Applied voice studies, gospel choir

 Haynes, Casey-0907 Casey Haynes
Collaborative piano
 Nocturne 2013 Joshua Hollenbeck
Instructor and assistant director of bands
Saxophone, marching band, jazz band, arranging

Matthew Jefferson
Brass, music technology
Dr. Kenneth Klaus
Professor and director of choral activities
Choirs, music history, applied voice
Ivan Koska Ivan Koska
Visiting Instructor
Class piano, collaborative piano
 Scott2 Dr. Scott Miller
Bassoon, music theory
Michelle Parro
Staff Accompanist
Collaborative piano
 Dieter Schodde Headshot 2014 Dieter Schodde
LUCIANAWEBcropped1 Dr. Luciana Soares
Associate Professor
Applied piano studies, collaborative piano













































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